21 Secret Benefits of the Discover It Card

It's no secret that the Discover it card is one of my favorite credit cards. I've carried a Discover card for a very long time and have made a small fortune off of its cash back features.

While its cash back offer, including 5% on rotating categories, is well known, the card offers some perks that may surprise you. Regardless of what Discover card you carry, they all offer special benefits to members free of charge. These benefits are there to help you manage your account, pay your bills, earn rewards and protect you as a cardmember. The list below provides a glance at the free benefit all Discover card member receive just for carrying a Discover card.

Shopping Benefits

Discover Card Shopping Benefits
  1. Purchase Protection: For 90 days, you are protected against stolen or damaged merchandise you purchase with the Discover card, up to $500.
  2. Price Protection: If you purchase an item and then find it for less at another store within 90 days, Discover will pay you the difference.
  3. Shop with Security and Convenience: You can create a free, secure online account number and save time by automatically completing online checkouts with one click.
  4. Extended Product Warranty: Discover extends the manufacturer's warranty for up to 1 additional year for items purchased with the card. For this reason, I never buy an extended warranty from a retailer.
  5. Return Guarantee: This is one of my favorite features. If you are unhappy with a purchase, you can return it within 90 days, and Discover will refund up to $500 regardless of the original store's return policy.
  6. Online Shopping Mall: Earn up to 20% cash back when you shop on Discover's online mall.
  7. Built-in fraud protection: Discover provides a $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee protects from unauthorized charges. Their fraud monitoring service proactively monitors your account for suspicious activity.
  8. Cash at Checkout: You can save time and money by getting cash back at participating retailers, with no transaction or ATM fees.

Travel Benefits

Discover Card Travel Benefits
  1. 24/7 Travel Assistance: For travel assistance you just have to calll 1-800-DISCOVER for flight rebooking, ticket replacement services, lost baggage tracking, car rental insurance and medical referrals.
  2. Baggage Delay Insurance: Buy your ticket with the Discover card, and they will cover your essentials if your bags are delayed three hours or more.
  3. Flight Accident Insurance: While this is one we hope never to need, you get $500,000 in flight accident insurance when you purchase your ticket with the Discover card.
  4. Emergency Roadside Assistance: The Discover card offers towing, roadside assistance, and even a locksmith.
  5. Auto Rental Insurance: With rental insurance, you don't need to buy expensive insurance from the rental car companies.

Financial Tools

Discover Card Spending Benefits
  1. Automatic Bill Payment: You can earn rewards for paying your monthly bills with your card. You can set up reoccurring bill payments and use your Discover card to pay them. Paying your bills online offers many benefits.
  2. Support Charities: The rewards you earn can be used to support the charities of your choice. There are over 1.5 million charities to choose from.
  3. Get a clear picture of your spending: You can track your spending by month and category so you can understand spending habits, make evaluations through your annual account summary and create a budget for the future.
  4. Helpful financial tools: You can create a personalized plan to help reduce your balance or see how a major purchase may affect it with our online planning tools.

Other Discover Card Perks

Discover Card Benefits
  1. Personalize your card: You can personalize your Discover card by choosing your own card design. You get to choose from over 100 different designs.
  2. Mobile Account Access: You can make payments, check your balance and more from your mobile device at m.discover.com.
  3. Get Up-To-Date Information: When your a cardmember you will be the first to know about new promotions and offers.
  4. Discover Online Community: You can learn about great deals through several online communities run by Discover, including twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

Remember that terms and conditions apply to each of these benefits, and you must use your Discover card to qualify.