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AccountNow® Prepaid Visa® Card Review

The AccountNow® Prepaid Visa® Card is a reloadable card. Your available balance on the card is the amount you despot to the card. There is no minimum balance needed to keep the account open. You still get a monthly statement so you can view your account history. Since this is not a line of credit you will can not go into debt and you can not overdraft the account. You can apply for a card regardless of past credit problems or even if you have no credit at all.

AccountNow® Prepaid Visa® Card

  • 100% Approval* (subject to I.D. Verification)
  • $0 monthly fee†
  • No minimum balance
  • No credit check∞. No risk of overdraft fee.
  • Free† direct deposit and online bill payment
  • Use it everywhere Visa debit card accepted
  • Easy online/mobile account access
  • Perfect for occasional usage

Reloadable and Easy to Use

This is a Visa card which means it is accepted anywhere that Visa is accepted. There are two ways in which you put money onto the card: direct deposit or add cash. Direct deposit is free and convenient. Your employer can have your paycheck transferred directly to your AccountNow® Prepaid Visa® Card. You get access to your funds on payday, avoid the inconvenience and cost of check cashing stores, and don’t have to worry about carrying around a lot of cash. If you sign up for direct deposit you get a bonus of $15. You can also add cash to the card by going to one of the cash network stores. The amount of each value load must be at least $10.00 not to exceed $5,000.00 per day.

$15 Bonus with Direct Deposit

AccountNow® Prepaid Visa® Card currently is offering a $15 bonus for those that sign up for direct deposit (which is free). You have to set up a recurring direct deposit of $50 or more for two consecutive months. There are other terms and conditions, so make sure to read the fine print, but a $15 bonus is nice for a feature that’s free to begin with and gives you access to your paycheck or government benefits check faster than a paper check. I’m not sure how long this $15 bonus offer will last, so go to AccountNow® Prepaid Visa® Card and make sure it’s still available.

AccountNow® Prepaid Visa® Card Rates and Fees

With this card there are never any late fees, finance charges or overdraft fees. However, even though this card is a prepaid card and not a line of credit, there are still fees for using the card. To get a complete list of fees you should review the Terms and Conditions of the card. Below are some of the fees for the AccountNow card.

  • Purchases: $1.00 per transaction
  • U.S. ATM Transactions: $2.50 plus ATM owner fee
  • ATM Balance Inquiry: $1.00
  • ATM Decline fee: $1.00
  • Online Bill Pay: FREE for standard processing
  • Monthly Maintenance: Free

How to Apply for the AccountNow® Prepaid Visa® Card

Applying for this credit card is quick and easy. We’ve provided a link below that will take you to the official AccountNow® Prepaid Visa® Card website. From this page, you can click on the apply now button to go to the AccountNow® Prepaid Visa® Card secure online application. The application takes just a few minutes to complete.

To get started, visit the AccountNow® Prepaid Visa® Card official website.