American Express Membership Rewards Express Program

American Express offers some of the best rewards programs. The American Express Membership Rewards Program allows you to do the things you love the most by providing you with a wide range of dining, shopping, entertainment, and travel rewards. You can earn points fast and it’s easy to redeem them whenever you want. You can use your points in whatever way you want and your points never expire. There is no limit on the number of Membership Rewards points you can earn. This means you can save up for as long as you wish and get the rewards you really want.

Earning Points

When you shop online you will earn extra points, 10x points to be exact. There are over 300 brands to shop at the Earn Points section. With the Points Advance option you can get an advancement of points which will allow you to get what you want even when you come up short. If you need to purchase extra points that’s not a problem either. These features allow you to always get what you want and be in total control of your rewards.

Using Points

When it comes to redeeming your points there are over 200 brands you can choose from to meet your dining, shopping, and entertainment needs. You can also fly any airline anytime! You can fly when you want on any airline with Pay with Points. There are no restrictions or blackout dates and you even have the option to pay for your ticket in part points and charge the rest to your card. Hotels, cruises and vacation packages are also included in this. With the Express Hotel Card you can cover all your hotel expenses such as the cost of your stay, or use it at the spa or the bar. Amex always have special limited time offers for cardmembers and you can use your points for these deals too. Whether it’s for concert tickets, name-brand electronic, travel experiences or vacation packages, you can use your points.