Chase Freedom Flex Rotating Categories

Chase Freedom Flex® Rotating Categories for Summer 2024 (Q3)

Make the most of summer with the Chase Freedom Flex® bonus cash back at movie theaters, select live entertainment, gas stations, and EV charging (road trip, anyone?). You can earn up to 5% cash back on those categories from July 1st through the end of summer on September 30, 2024, on up to $1,500 in combined purchases, then 1% cash back.

Credit cards that feature rotating categories are a dime a dozen, but the Chase Freedom Flex® is better than most because you can also earn 3% cash back at restaurants including takeout and eligible delivery services and drug stores and 5% cash back on travel booked through Chase Travel(SM).

Chase Freedom Flex® 2024 Quarterly Cash Back Calendar

Chase always offers some intriguing bonus categories. Here’s a look at the 2024 5% quarterly cash back calendar:

January – MarchApril – JuneJuly – SeptemberOctober – December
Grocery Stores (excluding Walmart® and Target®), Fitness Clubs & Gym Memberships, Self-Care & Spa, Hotels, RestaurantsGas Stations, EV Charging, Select Live Entertainment, Movie TheatersTBA

You must activate the quarterly rewards categories to earn the maximum cash back. You can sign up for alerts from Chase if you need a reminder to do this. You’ll have to activate your bonus categories by September 14, 2024 to earn the elevated rewards for Q3.

To activate quarterly bonus categories, go to your Chase account or activate through the mobile app. You can also activate quarterly categories by calling Chase at the number on the back of your credit card or by visiting a personal banker at a branch.

Keep in mind that your purchase needs to code as the correct category to earn the cash back. So, while movie theaters qualify for Q3, anything you buy at the concession stand may not qualify. Live entertainment includes merchants that sell tickets for in-person entertainment, such as concerts, zoos, aquariums, major sporting events, theatrical productions, museums, tourist attractions, amusement parks, circuses, carnivals, and entertainers. That’s a lot of fun summer activities!

We don’t know what the rewards will be for the fourth quarter yet, but last year Q4’s categories were PayPal, Wholesale Clubs and select charities. You can check back here on September 15, 2024, to find out the Q4 rotating categories. That’s also the earliest date you can sign up to activate Q4 categories.

How to Maximize Your Rewards

The best way to use a credit card like the Chase Freedom Flex® is to pair it with a “daily driver” card that earns elevated cash back on every purchase. You want to get at least 2% cash back from your daily driver card. Some examples of daily driver cards are Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card or the Citi® Double Cash Card.

The Chase Freedom Flex® makes an excellent sniper credit card, or third credit card in the 1-2-3 cash back system. By sniper card, we mean the card hits one or two categories with an excellent rewards rate.

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To maximize your travel rewards, consider pairing the Freedom Flex with two other Chase cards such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or the Chase Sapphire Reserve® and the Chase Freedom Unlimited®. You can only hold one Sapphire card at a time, so choose the one that makes the most sense for you. All three cards earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points. If you combine all the points you earn to one of the Sapphire accounts, your points will be worth more when redeemed for travel.

The Chase Sapphire Reserve® gives you the most bang for your buck, with points being worth 50% more when redeemed for travel through Chase Travel(SM). However, if don’t want to pay a hefty annual fee, the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card will give you a 25% boost if you redeem your points for travel through Chase Travel(SM) and the annual fee is much lower, so it’s perfect for the occasional traveler.

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There’s one more option for maximizing rewards called rewards stacking. That’s what we call investing your rewards. The key is to match your spending with the right credit cards to maximize your cash back. Then, put those dollars in an investment account and watch your stash of cash grow.


For many, summer means taking road trips to concerts, tourist attractions, or amusement parks. Earn cash back on these purchases this summer by using the Chase Freedom Flex® and take advantage of the quarterly categories. Have a great summer!