Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card vs. Chase Sapphire Reserve® Calculator (Beta)

Which card will generate the most rewards value for you, the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or the Chase Sapphire Reserve®?

If you search “best travel credit cards” in Google, the results overwhelmingly favor Preferred. I looked through dozens of search results, and all of them included the Preferred at or near the top of their list. In contrast, the Reserve card was either much lower down the list or not even included.


One reason could be money. While Chase pays credit card sites, including Allcards, a fee for each approval, the fee is much larger for the Preferred card. Credit card sites are incentivized to promote the Preferred card over the Reserve card, even at your expense.

In truth, the best option for you will depend on two factors:

  1. How much you charge to the card in each spending category and
  2. How you redeem the rewards.

For that reason, I created this Preferred vs. Reserve calculator. Use it to determine which card is best for you.

The calculator is in beta testing. Please let me know if you see any issues with its calculations.

The ultimate goal is to maximize the value of rewards, whether in the form of cash, points, or miles. That’s the cornerstone of Rewards Stacking. To get the right credit cards to maximize value, we must decide how many cards we want to carry. It’s what I call the 1-2-3 Cash Back System. For most people, the Chase Sapphire cards are suitable as a second or third card. The primary card should pay at least 2% cash back on all purchases.