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Credit Sesame Review

I have always been a big fan of and now there is another great online tool for managing your credit, loans and debt. Credit Sesame is the complete package. It has everything you need to keep track of your financial progress by providing you with a dashboard report of your credit standing, loans and debt. In addition to being super informative, it’s easy to use. For some reason I am always drawn as much to form as I am to function and this site is user-friendly, uncluttered, and simple to navigate. It’s chocked full of all the information you need to maximize your financial decisions.

How To Sign Up

In a couple of minutes I had access to my Experian credit score – which was awesome by the way – and my entire financial picture. Signing up is easy, but you do have to be prepared to provided your personal information. I did give them my social security number which is necessary to access your credit score, but I did not have to provide any credit card information. As you probably know, many sites require some form of payment type to store in your account. From the homepage just click on “Sign Up” and you can get started. The site is safe and secure with VeriSign Secured, McAfee.

Credit Sesame Key Features

  • Overview: Gives you a summary of total loans and debt.
  • Finances: Shows your credit score (updated monthly), credit worthiness, current debt, total assets, monthly payments, home value.
  • Goals: Helps to optimize finances, refinance, get a home loan, get a credit card, and get a personal loan.
  • Advice: Based on your numbers, credit sesame gives you options for better loan rates, better mortgage rates and credit card offers – all of which you are qualified for. The information is very easy to read and understand. It’s a snapshot of everything that’s important to consider. In my case it said “options available but none better than what you have.” Good to know.


This is a great site if you want to plan a sensible attack on your debt or if you want confirmation that you are already in optimum position financially. You can edit information and see how things would be impacted if you brought in extra income or if you take out another loan. You will be alerted if you have any new money saving advice.

I have a certified financial planner for long-range retirement planning, but I think this kind of tool provides information that would take me endless hours to research. With this site I can make good decisions now and set myself up to stay on track – also very important in the big picture.
Considering all these features are FREE, FREE, FREE, I have to say that I was impressed.

For more information to to check your credit for free, visit Credit Sesame’s website.

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