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Review of

The good news and the bad news is that credit monitoring sites are not uncommon these days. Sorting through them to find the good ones is a different matter. certainly is one of the good ones, but let’s make sure we know exactly what they offer.

Signing up is easy. No social security number or credit card information is required. The site is easy to navigate. You will be asked during the sign up process if you want to upgrade to one of three monthly monitoring services including Monthly Monitoring @ $5 month, Level 1 Package @ $15 monthly, or Level 1 Package plus 1 million dollar coverage for identity theft @ $25 monthly. If you are not interested just click “no thanks” and continue for the free info. Unfortunately these offers come up every time you sign in – a tad annoying.

Free Credit Score and Report

Once you set up your account you will have access to your Experian Credit Score and complete Experian credit report. Just so you know, the Experian Credit Score is a based on a different formula than a FICO score. They are not trying to trick you into believing it’s the same. There is a debate these days as to whether the FICO is the only true credit score, but the reality is they are both accurate – just different. “Educational credit score” is another term used for this formula. Bottom line, knowing either score can help you understand and improve it.

For our purposes we can say that the score and the report are a great way to determine the health of your credit and the accuracy of the information within the report. The credit report is detailed and contains the following information:
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  • An Account Summary
  • A List of Open Accounts
  • Closed Accounts
  • Negative Accounts
  • Credit Inquiries
  • Public Records – like owed child support and liens on your property to name a few


Valuable Guidance

Budgeting help is available if you are willing to take the time to enter your loan information (no specific account numbers), income, insurance, utilities, etc. Based on this information, you will get tips on how to budget your ongoing finances. Like I said, upgraded monitoring and improvement services are available but even without the extras bells and whistles; there is good practical information here – for free.

Quizzle will encourage you to establish a rainy day fund. This is important in any long term financial planning. Six months of your net income is their proposed goal. It actually calculates the exact amount you need in your rainy day account based on your annual income.

Great information is also available for anyone in the market for a new home. They have a nifty calculator, mortgage recommendations and a wealth of information regarding neighborhoods of interest. Of course there are mortgage offers galore.

The Skinny will provide your Experian credit score, a detailed Experian credit report, budgeting tips, mortgage tips, and a glimpse at what’s lurking behind the curtain. It’s a free peak and more – and I do mean FREE.

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