4 Walmart Credit Cards Compared

Walmart offers four different cards: The Walmart Credit Card, the Walmart MasterCard, the Walmart Prepaid MoneyCard, and the Bluebird by American Express. Each card offers different rewards and features, but none has an annual fee. Some can be used only at Walmart, while others can be used anywhere.

Let’s take a look at all the details.

Walmart Credit Cards

Walmart Credit Card

Walmart Credit Card

The Walmart Credit Card is a cash back rewards card that can be used only at Walmart and Sam’s Club. It’s designed for frequent Walmart shoppers. It offers three tiers of cash back rewards:

  • 3% Cash Back: On all purchases at walmart.com, including Grocery Pickup purchases.
  • 2% Cash Back: On gas purchases at Murphy USA & Walmart fuel.
  • 1% Cash Back: All other purchases where the card is accepted (basically Walmart and Sam’s Club).

The Walmart Credit Card offers several other benefits. Most notably, you can earn a $25 statement credit and spend $75 at Walmart with the card.

Here’s an overview of what the card offers:

  • Receive your free monthly FICO® Score when you enroll in electronic statements online
  • Pay no annual fee
  • $0 fraud liability
  • Quick Cash*

*Get up to $100 Quick Cash in $20 increments when you make a purchase with your Walmart Credit Card at Walmart-owned registers in Walmart stores. Limit one per day. This cash advance will appear on your monthly billing statement like a purchase. Subject to credit approval. Quick Cash is not available during Walmart Pay transactions.

There is one very big caution with this card. It carries 25.15% APR, which is extremely high. If you carry balances on the card from month to month, the interest charges can easily erase the benefits of the Walmart Credit Card’s rewards.

Walmart MasterCard

Issued by Synchrony Bank, the Walmart MasterCard offers the same rewards as the Walmart Credit Card. It does differ, however, in several important ways.

First, it’s a MasterCard. This means it is accepted anywhere MasterCard is accepted. By far the most significant difference compared to the Walmart Credit Card, this card could serve as a primary credit card. For reasons we’ll come to in a moment, however, that’s probably not the best idea.

Second, the interest rates on the Walmart MasterCard are different. They range based on your creditworthiness. Currently, the APR on purchases could be as low as 19.15% (still very high) or as high as 25.15%.

Beyond these two differences, the cards are pretty much the same. They both offer the same rewards and free access to your FICO score.

Comparing Walmart Credit Cards

Even for those who frequently shop at Walmart, the two Walmart credit cards are not the best options. While they do come with no annual fee, the interest rates are extremely high and the rewards mediocre.

For example, several cash back credit cards offer 1.5% or even 2% cash back on all purchases everywhere, not just one store.

Walmart Prepaid Cards

In addition to the two credit cards above, Walmart offers two prepaid cards.

The Walmart MoneyCard

The Walmart MoneyCard is in our opinion one of the best prepaid cards available today. Why? Extremely low fees and good benefits, at least as far as prepaid cards go. The MoneyCard offers a cash back rewards structure similar to the Walmart credit cards.

  • 3% cash back at Walmart.com
  • 2% cash back at Walmart fuel stations
  • 1% cash back at Walmart stores

There is, however, one important difference. Cash back rewards on the Walmart MoneyCard are capped at $75 per year.

The real benefit of the card is its low fees. It’s free to get online, or pay $1 at Walmart. It costs $5.94* a month, which is much lower than many banks. And Walmart waives the monthly fee when you direct deposit $500+ in the previous monthly period. That’s easy to do if you have your paycheck or government benefits check deposited directly onto the card.

You can load cash onto the card at Walmart stores for just $3. And you can cash checks at Walmart for free if the money is loaded onto the Walmart MoneyCard.

The low fees and rewards make the Walmart MoneyCard a reasonable alternative to traditional banking.

*Please see site for full terms and conditions.

Bluebird by American Express

Bluebird by American Express

Don’t let the name fool you. Yes, it’s issued by American Express. But it’s part of the Walmart family of prepaid cards. It’s arguably a better alternative to the Walmart MoneyCard if your goal is to use it as a banking alternatives. Here’s are some reasons why:

  • No monthly fees
  • No overdraft fees
  • Free direct deposit (Note: Just about all prepaid cards offer free direct deposit)
  • Free bill pay
  • Free cash reloads at Walmart
  • Mobile check deposits

What it doesn’t offer is cash back rewards. So you get lower fees than with the Walmart MoneyCard, but without the rewards.

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