Control™ Prepaid Mastercard®

The Control™  Prepaid Mastercard® Review

The Control™ Prepaid Mastercard® is a reloadable low-cost prepaid debit card. This card’s monthly fee starts at $7.95. However, once the card has been funded, with a minimum of $500 directly deposited into your account, the monthly fee lowers to $5.00. While that covers the fee, the card itself also offers a range of benefits and features that can prove beneficial if the card is used wisely.

How does the Control Prepaid Mastercard work?

The Control Prepaid Mastercard®is a reloadable prepaid debit card. This means that once the card has been funded, the card can be used anywhere that accepts a Debit Mastercard. There are many ways you can fund the card, including:

  • Direct Deposit your paycheck, or a government benefits check (includes tax refunds)
  • You can add cash to your account from over 130,000 of the Netspend reload sites
  • Transfer money from your bank account
  • Transfer money from your Paypal account
  • Transfer money between Netspend cards


Artist Series: In honor of Black History, Control is currently offering a limited edition Control Card that is designed by some of today’s best Black artists. 

Reduced Monthly Plan: When you deposit an amount of $500 or more from your paycheck or government benefits, you will only pay $5 per month instead of $7.95 each month.

Direct Deposit: This feature allows you to refill your account by depositing your paycheck, tax refund, or even a government benefits check. To do so is free, and allows you to receive your checks up to 2 days faster.

Online Account Center: With the Netspend website, you can see all of your transactions, set up direct deposit, and activate Netspend Payback Rewards. 

Anytime Alerts: Receive text message alerts that will notify you about activity on your account such as:

  • Declined transactions
  • Received deposits
  • Individual transaction details
  • Budget notifications

Reload Locations: With over 130,000 retail locations nationwide, this feature gives you practically unlimited accessibility to load cash onto your card.

Earn Payback Points: This feature grants you the chance to earn cash back as well as merchant offers when making signature transactions with your card such as online, or ordering from restaurants. This allows cardholders to earn one (1) point per dollar spent for each signature transaction.

$10 Purchase Cushion: If you have a purchase that exceeds your current account balance, this feature (on approved transactions), could allow you to create a negative $10 balance on your account. Keep in mind though that this is not an extension of credit nor is it guaranteed.

Control™ Prepaid Mobile App: The Control™ Prepaid Mastercard® App helps you manage your money on the go. With this service you can view any of your balances and transaction history, send money to individuals, relocate your money to or from your Savings Account, load checks via photograph, or help you find the nearest reload location.

Rewards &  Benefits

Refer A Friend: With the Refer A Friend feature, you could receive a $20 credit. For every person referred, you can both receive a $20 credit as long as the referred card holder orders the Control™ Prepaid Mastercard®,  and adds a minimum of $40 to their new card account via cash or through direct deposit.

Savings Account: Cardholders can also be eligible for the Savings Account feature. Though optional, this account will help you grow, and save your money. With an 5.00% APY, there is no minimum balance required to open an account, and with the Savings Account funds being withdrawn from the Card Account, the Card Account transaction fees could possibly reduce the interest that is earned on the Savings Account. Keep in mind though that there is a maximum of 6 of these transfers monthly.

Custom Card: Cardholders can create their own custom card using their very own personalized photograph.


FeeMonthly Plan
Monthly Fee$7.95
PIN Transactions$0
Signature Transactions$0
ATM Withdrawal Fee$2.50
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee$.50
Cash Reload Fee$3.95
Direct Deposit Fee$0

Card Limits

Card Limit$15000
Transaction Limit$5000
Daily ATM Limit$940
Daily Cash Load Limit$940


Who the card is best for?

Anyone that is looking for a reloadable low-cost prepaid card that offers:

  • An alternative way to having a checking account
  • A convenient way to budget your money
  • The ability to get your paycheck or any government benefits 2 days faster

Who might do better with a different card?

Someone that is looking for a prepaid card that would benefit the entire family, this includes any children, would be better pairing with the Teen Prepaid Card, such as the Greenlight Card.


I receive a monthly SSI check. Will I be able to deposit this check into my Control™ Prepaid Mastercard® account?

Yes. Keep in mind though that any government check must be deposited in full. As a matter of fact, the complete list of acceptable direct deposit government payments are the following:

-Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
-Pension and other regular payments
-Railroad Retirement Benefits (RRB)
-Social Security Disability Act (SSDI)
-State unemployment benefits (these vary from state to state)
-Veterans Administration Compensation and Pension
-Defense Finance and Accounting Service Payments (DFAS) 
-Social Security Payments

Will using the Control Prepaid Mastercard boost my credit score?

No. The Control Prepaid Mastercard is a prepaid debit card, which doesn’t affect your credit.

Can I transfer money from my Paypal account into my Control Prepaid Mastercard account?


Can I transfer money to a friend or family member?

Yes, as long as that individual has a Control Card or another Netspend card account. 

For more information and to get the card, visit the Control™ Prepaid Mastercard® website.