Savings Accounts Ranked by APY

What savings account pays the highest interest rate?

It’s a simple question that turns out to be hard to answer.

You could Google “best savings accounts.” Unfortunately, what you’ll find are the “big” personal finance sites that only show you savings accounts from their advertisers.

So, my team has built a database of savings accounts, which you’ll find below ranked in order of APY from highest to lowest. Keep the following in mind:

  • We include both savings accounts and money market accounts in this list.
  • We work hard to keep the APY and minimum deposit information updated, but please confirm the terms with the financial institution directly.
  • The list includes savings accounts available nationwide. You may be able to find even better rates at local or community banks.
  • The list does not include savings accounts with low limits on the amount of money that can earn the stated APY.
  • The list includes financial technology (FinTech) companies that have partnered with banks for FDIC insurance. Make sure to confirm the details directly with the FinTech.

Featured Offer: Western Alliance Bank Savings Account

  • High Yield Savings Account
  • APY: 5.27%
  • $1 minimum deposit
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • FDIC Insured

Savings and Money Market Accounts

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If you know of any savings accounts we should add to the list, please let us know.