gohenry Review | A Prepaid Card to Teach Kids Good Money Habits

The gohenry Prepaid Card is a mobile app and prepaid debit card for kids ages 6 to 18. The mobile app includes extensive parental controls and tools to help children and teenagers learn to earn, save, spend and give their money responsibly.

gohenry Review

The gohenry Prepaid Card is one of several prepaid debit cards specifically designed for children. In addition to the standard prepaid debit card features you would expect, it adds both parental controls and tools for children so that they can learn to manage their money.

How Does the gohenry Prepaid Card work?

Parents open a gohenry account online. The child's debit card arrives in about 7 to 8 business days. 

Add money

Once you create an account, parents can fund the gohenry account with a bank debit card.  gohenry does not accept prepaid, credit or American Express cards to load the account. gohenry uses the same linked debit card to charge its monthly fee.

Once the gohenry account is funded, parents can then transfer funds to their child's gohenry prepaid debit card account. Parents can set up one-time transfers or an automatic weekly allowance.

Spend money

The gohenry prepaid card is accepted anywhere that takes a debit Mastercard. Kids can use the card at retailers or online, subject to parental controls.

Parental Controls

GoHenry offers several ways for parents to control how their child uses the gohenry account.

Parents can choose where the card can be used and set weekly spending limits. Parents can also disable and enable the card through the mobile app. 

Mom or Dad can also set up regular allowance transfers. They can create tasks for the child to complete to earn a little extra money. Finally, parents can receive real time notifications anytime the card is used.

Child's Account

The mobile app divides the child's account into four unique tools:

  • Earn 
  • Save 
  • Spend
  • Give 

Children can earn money by completing tasks, as well as through a weekly allowance. If they're earning by a specific task, those tasks can be created in the mobile app and checked off as they are complete.

From the money they earn children can create savings goals and transfer money towards those saving goals automatically. There is no limit to the number of saving goals a child can create.

Children can spend money from the account through the prepaid debit card. It's a MasterCard and accepted anywhere MasterCard is accepted, subject to any parental limits. The card can also be used online.

Finally, children can donate some of the money that they have earned. GoHenry has partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. That enables children to give small amounts of money each week.


Automatic Weekly Allowance: Parents can set up automatic transfers from the parent account to the child's debit card for weekly allowance.

One Off Payments: Parents can transfer money to the child's card at any time. These transfers can also be linked to chores that can be set up in the mobile app and checked off when completed.

Spending Limits: Parents can set single and weekly spending limits on each card.

Store Limits: Parents can determine where the card can be used, including in store, online or at an ATM.

Disabled Card: Parents can block and unblock cards instantly through the gohenry mobile app.

Notifications: Parents can receive real time notifications anytime the card is used.

Mobile App: The gohenry mobile app is what empowers parents to control the child's debit card and account. It also provides the child with tools to help them save for any goals they want to create, as well as see how much money they've earned. It also tracks their spending so they can see where their money has gone, and it has tools to enable the child to donate some of their money if they wish.


FeeFee Plan
Monthly Fee$3.99
PIN Transactions$0.00
Signature Transactions$0.00
ATM Withdrawal Fee$1.50
Direct Deposit Fee$0.00

Card Limits

Card Limit$6,000
Transaction Limit$2,500
Daily ATM Limit$120


The gohenry card is one of the best prepaid debit cards designed for teens. It has excellent parental controls and tools to help children learn how to manage their money. The first month is free. After that it costs $3.99 per month per child.

Who the card is best for

The [pdc_name post_id='37552′]  is best for parents who want to teach their children how to manage their money and make the process of paying allowance easier.

Who might do better with a different card

While we like the gohenry card, the Greenlight prepaid debit card for teens offers more features  and is less expensive for families with more than one child. In addition, the card is designed for children, for adults looking for a prepaid debit card of their own, they would be better off with a different option. 


Is the legit?

Yes. It's currently being used by more than 1.4 million customers.

Is the a good prepaid card?

It is a good prepaid card option for children.

Is the safe?

GoHenry is extremely safe. Money added to the account is FDIC insured up to $250,000. The prepaid debit card uses state of the art chip security, as well as pin protected. Child is unable to spend more than what's available on the card. GoHenry uses 256 bit encryption and parents can easily disable the card if it's ever lost or stolen.

Is FDIC insured?

Yes. The gohenry card is issued by Community Federal Savings Bank, which is a member FDIC bank.

Will the help me build my credit?

No, like all prepaid debit cards, it does not affect your credit score.

How long does it take to get approved for the ?

GoHenry accounts can be set up in just minutes online.Add question

How do I apply for the gohenry Prepaid Card?

You can open a gohenry account in just minutes online. The application will require of course your legal name, address, social security number, and other identifying information. You'll also need the full legal name of any children who will be added to the account.


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