Walmart MoneyCard® | A Cash Back Prepaid Card

The Walmart MoneyCard® is a reloadable prepaid debit card. It offers some unique features, such as cash back rewards. These benefits, however, apply only on Walmart purchases. We’ll explore whether the Walmart MoneyCard® deserves a place in your wallet in this detailed review.


Direct DepositYes
Bill PayYes
Free ATMsNo
Savings AccountYes
Cash Back RewardsYes
Mobile AppYes
Text AlertsNo
Mobile Check DepositNo
Purchase CushionNo
Virtual Card NumbersNo

Fees & Limits

FeeMonthly fee
Monthly Fee$0 with eligible direct deposit, otherwise $5.94*
PIN Transactions$
Signature Transactions$
ATM Withdrawal Fee$2.50
Cash Reload Fee$3.00
Direct Deposit Fee$0
Purchase Fee$0

*Waive your monthly fee when you direct deposit $500+ in previous monthly period.

Card Limit$10,000
Transaction Limit$3,000
Daily ATM Limit$500
Daily Cash Load Limit$500


The offers cash back rewards when you shop at Walmart. Here are the details:

  • 3% cash back at and in the Walmart app
  • 2% cash back at Walmart fuel stations
  • 1% cash back at Walmart stores.

That’s the good news. The not so good news is that cash back is capped at $75 a year.


The card offers a number of benefits:

  • Get paid early with direct deposit
  • Savings account paying 2% APY on up to $1,000 in savings
  • Transfer money from a bank account
  • Live chat with customer care

Loading Funds

You have to load funds to the card before you can make purchases with the card. You can reload the card as often as you want. There are several ways to load funds:

  • Load Cash: Load cash at a WalMart store for a $3 charge.
  • Direct Deposit: You can have your pay check or government check automatically deposited to your card. This service is free.
  • Online Bank Transfer: You can transfer funds from your bank account, credit union, or other financial institution for free.
  • Green Dot® MoneyPak®: You can use a Green Dot® MoneyPak® to reload your card. You can pick up one at thousands of locations across the country and the charge varies.


Who the card is best for

Without question, the is ideal for those who frequently shop at Walmart. The card’s key benefits, including cash back and low fee cash reloads, apply only at Walmart.

Who might do better with a different card

Those who don’t shop at Walmart several times a month will miss out on the card’s key features. If you don’t live at Walmart, there are better prepaid debit cards. As one example, the Netspend Prepaid Visa offers more benefits than the Walmart MoneyCard with reasonably low fees.


Does Walmart check my credit?

No. The Walmart MoneyCard is a prepaid debit card. No credit is required, and using the card will not improve your credit score.

Is the Walmart MoneyCard a good prepaid card?

Yes, particularly if you regularly shop at Walmart. It charges reasonable fees and offers a number of generous benefits, including cash back.

Can I get paid early with the Walmart MoneyCard?

In theory, you can receive your paycheck up to 2 days early with direct deposit on just about any prepaid debit card. There is, however, no guarantee that you will have access to your paycheck before payday.

Does Walmart offer other types of prepaid or credit cards?

Yes. You can find a list of Walmart cards here.

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